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Dinner Party Decor Inspiration


Dinner Party Decor Inspiration

When your friends and family are coming round for a dinner party at your home, one of the most important things to consider is the aspect of the first impression. We’re talking about how the overall aroma setting the tone for the evening, the table decor, the cutlery and so on. You want to look like the host with the most, and although this may take time and effort to pursue, it doesn’t have to come at a high cost! You can pick up some of the best decorations in your local bargain store, and even make your own quirky interior accessories at home – all it requires is a sprinkle of creativity and a chunk of time out of your day to really impress your guests and leave that lasting impression! 


Dinner Party Decor Ideas 


Colour Theme


Sometimes settling on a colour theme can make your job one hundred times easier as you don’t need to spend time shopping for the specifics. For example – If you love to follow a trend, why not check out what the Pantone Colour Of The Year is for the time scale that you are throwing your event? The chosen colour for 2019 was announced as ‘Living Coral’ therefore all you would need to do is stick to coral shades for your accessories. 


This can be a great starter for a beginner in the hosting world as you can go as excessive or as minimal as you wish. For example, you could have a coral coloured table runner aligning your dining room table, finished with some pretty plates and gold cutlery. You could even step it up a gear and add some coral tapered candles in delicate gold stands to tie it all together and give a grand finish. 



Picture Perfect


Some hosts like to assign their guests a seat, this can be in case you are reuniting family who haven’t seen each other for a long time and want them to have a good catch up, or perhaps you are just inviting your close friends around and want to avoid any cliques. Instead of using an old-fashioned name tag why not print a cute polaroid picture of you and them, or if you can afford to be generous with your time then why not make a little collage consisting of pretty text for their name, an image of themselves that they like and a blend of patterns that compliment each other as a background. You could even frame it and they could take it home as a keepsake! Winner all round! 


Floral Feature 


Adding greenery to your centre-piece can make all the difference for a dinner party! You could have a floral garland draped down the centre and large vases filled with a themed floral assortment to make bring your fantasy garden indoors. 


Menu Printing


Why not really spoil your guests with printing your set menu for the evening and having it as a main decor piece for your table? You can use apps such as Canva to create stunning graphics and designs to print at home so no cost has to come into play whatsoever! 


Designated Areas 


A really interesting party planning aspect that leaves a lasting impression on guests is designating areas of the home to particular aspects of the evening. For example, when your guests arrive and want a drink you could decorate the front room with a drinks trolley and canapés snacks to tease the appetite and encourage small talk. You then have your dining area as the main event, following the garden for afters where your guests can enjoy dessert around a fire-pit in the garden, or outdoor seating for some fresh air, decorated with banners, balloons, or a marque area. The possibilities are endless and can be totally tailored around your guests preferences and wants! 


Place Your Order Online


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